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This Steem testnet is setup to be as close as possible to the main steem network, just with another chain id and address prefix. It's meant to be used for automated testing but other uses are welcome as well. Security researchers you have my blessing to attack the steemd instance (but no fuzzing or DoS please, and leave the other services alone).

Please note that the blockchain may be reset or rolled back, your test scripts should take that into account.

The server is a bare-metal Intel Atom C2750 with 16GB of ram on a unmetered 500mbit/s connection, located in the Netherlands.


You need to point your client to wss://testnet.steem.vc and set the chain id and address prefix correctly.

Configuring steem-js:

var steem = require('steem')
steem.config.set('address_prefix', 'STX')
steem.config.set('chain_id', '79276aea5d4877d9a25892eaa01b0adf019d3e5cb12a97478df3298ccdd01673')

Configuring steem-python:

import steembase
import steem
steembase.chains.known_chains['STEEM'] = {
    'chain_id': '79276aea5d4877d9a25892eaa01b0adf019d3e5cb12a97478df3298ccdd01673',
    'prefix': 'STX', 'steem_symbol': 'STEEM', 'sbd_symbol': 'SBD', 'vests_symbol': 'VESTS'
client = steem.Steem(['https://testnet.steem.vc'])

Account creation

To create a new account on the testnet send a HTTP POST request with username and password to https://testnet.steem.vc/create. It responds with 200 if account is created or 409 if the account already exists.

Example using HTTPie:

http post https://testnet.steem.vc/create username=foo password=barman

Example using cURL:

curl --data "username=foo&password=barman" https://testnet.steem.vc/create